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What is a Podcast?

It is a digital audio file made available on the internet for listening or downloading on a computer or mobile device. It is typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribing to the shows.
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There are a variety of different podcast applications to utilize. Below are just a few.

Podcast Recommendations

By Rob Dial
iTunes #1 Rated Motivation Podcast 
Learn how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs. Gain insight and clarity on your life’s purpose and vision. I’ll guide you through strategies for achieving your goals. You’ll find you can get the most out of everyday activities by listening to The Mindset & Motivation Podcast during your drive time or workout. Pick an episode from my extensive collection.
By Elizabeth Benton
Primal Potential is About You 
It is about your health, your happiness, your goals, and stepping into your ability to live up to your full potential. It is about creating a life that meets and exceeds your expectations. 
Glass Full of Soul
By Caitlin Apple and Jessica Paladino
 The podcast is all about celebrating women and wine. Getting into all the things in life that drive us and make us happy. We will be chatting with inspiring women and getting down to the #realtalk of life and finding balance withing ourselves. 
By Booke Castillo
A Summary of Why Our Work Matters …
 1. Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. 2. Managing your brain (and the thoughts witin it) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired results. 3. The Life Coach has the latest, laser-like tools to mange thoughts, emotions, actions, and therefore results.

If there is a podcast that you love and is not on this list, please share with us. We love to hear about other peoples journeys and experiences. We all learn and grow from each other.