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Self Care / Self Empowerment

Learn what self care and self empowerment means and how to work towards obtaining it. Start with your basic needs, who or what is in your environment – how can you change it, what is in your head – learn your thoughts / feelings and how to change to a more positive mindset – learn how your thoughts direct your life.

" I Am" Signs

A creative activity offered by itself or with a more detailed program.

Girls Scouts

We have programs designed to assist girl scout troops in obtaining the following badges …

Mental Health Awareness

Learn the basics about mental health. Signs. Symptoms, Learn how to recognize if you or someone you know might be struggling with depression or anxiety, learn what to do if you see someone struggling – resources / number to call / refer too. Learn coping skills to use or recommend to a friend.

Crisis Services

If you or someone you know is suicidal or in a major crisis, please contact: 

Northhampton County Crisis
+(610) 252 – 9060
Lehigh County Crisis
+(610) 782 – 3127
Crisis TEXT
+741 – 741

If you are being abused, contact:

Turning Point Hotline
+(610) 437 – 3369

Any programs can be designed to meet the needs of a particular group. They can be presented to children in schools, community centers atmosphere or adults in work environments, churches, etc. The programs can be offered in a hour time frame for a lunch meeting design or can be more detailed oriented / hands on in a 2 – 3 hour time frame. 


If there is a program that your group would benefit from but you do not see it listed here, 

please let us know.